How to activate McAfee Costco

How to activate McAfee Costco


Mcafee activation is a few steps, start with and only you follow your steps and install your McAfee. And please read the blog to understand its steps. Then later, also read the general troubleshooting steps and if somehow McAfee is not running. read more for how to activate McAfee Costco.




How to activate McAfee Costco?

McAfee Costco activation is a very soft process. And Mcafee activation is a few-step thing, start with and install your McAfee just by following some steps – How to activate McAfee Costco:-

Follow my few instructions for Installing McAfee from

First of all, you open a web browser such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome on your computer.
And now type URL “” in the URL box and press Enter.
After that, it seems that a page appears on your screen and is asking for your activation code.
Keep your own activation code here.
Now when you click on the submit, the McAfee activation page you have to log in and asking your McAfee account.
If you have a McAfee account then please login to my McAfee account.
After that does not have a McAfee account? There is no problem, you have a register option on the same page. There are some simple steps to create a McAfee account that you can read below in a separate section.
And here I think after the redemption of the activation code for Mac, you are logged in to your McAfee account.
And now it is showing you to download the setup file for your product just download it and note the product code. After that, the product code will be used later between the installation.
Now run the setup file and run, continue, and so follow positive options.
Then when asked, enter the product code.
It seems that your make is now installed and you are ready to scan your brand before the new Macfi Antivirus Plus.

What is the McAfee Costco activation code?

The 25-digit alphanumeric McAfee Costco activation is on the backside of the retail card of the purchased McAfee product. Rub on the backside of the McAfee retail card to get the activation code which looks like XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX

McAfee Costco-Tips Before Activating How to activate McAfee Costco:

If you had any first, uninstall any other antivirus from your computer.

First of all, you remove it completely and restart your computer.

After that, uninstall any old version of McAfee Antivirus from the computer.

And then you must restart your computer to remove security completely after uninstalling you.

If you are still facing the problem then you can contact our support at the given contact link or toll-free number.

How to Active for McAfee Costo on your home computer?

Activate McAfee Code Online First:

How to activate McAfee Costco

First of all, make sure that you have the activation code on the retail card and it is a 25-digit alphanumeric activation code. Now I will show you step by step: –

1. First of all, visit the page

2. And now you have a place where you can put the activation code

So keep the activation code here and click on Submit.

3. After that you consequently are on the next, where it will ask you to log in to your McAfee account.

4. Now you probably do not have a make account, then just create one with the register option.

5. If you are with account and email verification. You can log in inside your McAfee account.

6. And it seems that we are almost doing. Just see the download link. Click on it, now it will prepare a code that will be used during installation. Just note it.

7. Then follow the positive steps (ie yes, run, save, save, continue, continue) to run the downloaded file and complete the installation.


About McAfee Costco And Frequently Asked Questions-

If you already used the McAfee product key then directly go to your McAfee account at and download your software.

McAfee Total Protection is offering few flexible plans to their customers, the basic cost of license starting from $34.99 per user/year, read the article below in order to calculate the total cost of ownership (TCO) which includes: customization, data migration, training, hardware, maintenance, upgrades, and more.


Is McAfee a free antivirus?
McAfee is a PC keeper antivirus 2018 is the free antivirus software designed by Intel, which is one of the longest-running security companies in the world.

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