download your webroot from page

download your webroot from page

download your webroot from page

webroot geek squad installation instructionsGeek squad means you got a Webroot from Best buy. Geek squad is now a computer-related technical part of the Best buy store and if you got a Webroot subscription from geek squad then you need to follow the instructions on this article to complete the Webroot geek squad download and installation. The first thing you need to know is a Webroot keycode. It is a unique character set that is used to activate the Webroot license.

download your webroot from the page

In this section, we will show a step-wise approach to download your webroot from the page. The steps are described below-

The foremost requirement is to open a Web browser on your computer like internet explorer or google chrome.

Now type URL in the URL box of the browser and hit enter.

A web page is open that is asking for your keycode and email.

Put both info in and submit it by clicking the submit button.

Now a file wsabbs.exe will automatically download or it will show you a popup to either “run” or “save” it.

Run this file directly to start the installation procedure.

Now you will see a system prompt that Webroot wants to make some changes to your computer and you need to hit “yes” or continue whatever you have.

On the next, a green box will appear that will ask your Webroot keycode again put it in and hit activate.

In the next step, you need to fill in your email one more time and that’s it.

Now Webroot secures anywhere will scan your computer automatically.

This is the complete procedure to redeem the webroot key then download the product. After download how to do the installation is also well explained. Now in the next section, it is mandatory to discuss the precautions during Webroot download and installation.


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