find mcafee on my computer | check for McAfee

find mcafee on my computer | check for McAfee

  • find mcafee on my computer

  • find mcafee on this pc

  • is mcafee installed on this computer?

  • where is my mcafee program?

  • do I have mcafee installed?

  • where is my mcafee?

  • is mcafee on my computer?

  • is mcafee on this computer?

find mcafee on my computer: Do you also have any of these questions, then you are on the right page. Here we will let you know how to check if McAfee is in your system. To find Mcafee in your system there are 2 to 3 things which we need to check.

Check installed program to find Mcafee in your system

In a Windows computer you need to open the control panel. In the control panel, you will find an icon for program and feature or you can say a section for program and features. Just go inside program and features. This section, it will show you the programs which are installed in your system. Here you can check every program. Find McAfee here. If it is not here that means you do not have McAfee in your system. And that also means you need to install it. We will discuss Mcafee/activate, download and activate McAfee later in this article. Now I will tell you another way to open program and feature directly.

Open program and features directly with Run to find Mcafee on the computer

  • Press Windows key and alphabet R together. The Windows key is situated on the left bottom line of your keyboard. A windows logo is drawn on that key.
  • Now a run box will appear on your computer.
  • Type appwiz.cpl here.
  • The Program and Features window will directly appear.

find mcafee on my computer

Find if McAfee is running in your system

Till now we can figure it out if McAfee is installed on a system or not. But we still have a question even after finding McAfee on the system. The question is that is McAfee is protecting the system.

is McAfee is running?

To check that if McAfee is running or not just have a look in the system where i am saying.

have a look at the right bottom corner of your system there you will find the date and time of your system. If you will slide your mouse pointer to a little right then you will find a small upside arrow type icon. Just click on this icon. When you will click here then you will see the programs which are running in the background of your system. This place is called the system tray. If you find your McAfee here that means it is running and protecting your system otherwise not.

is mcafee installed on this computer

If you don’t find Mcafee then how to install Mcafee

Follow the given below steps to download McAfee with activation code –

  1. To Activate your McAfee, the first step is to open any browser on the system and go to

Enter Mcafee serial number now

after opening mcafee/activate URL you will find a place to enter McAfee serial number.

  1. Now redeem your McAfee activation code and login to your McAfee account. If you don’t have a McAfee account see section in the downside.
  2. Download the McAfee security setup file from the website.
  3. If you have a CD, put it into an appropriate drive and save the program on the computer system.
  4. Now run the setup file and follow the instructions to activate your McAfee.
  5. Allow Windows to run the setup file when prompt for its permission. Also, you can choose the language, country and custom settings as per your wish.
  6. Agree with terms and conditions and hit install.
  7. Once the installation is complete, the next screen will prompt to finish the process. Click ‘Finish’ to complete the process to activate your MacAfee.
  8. Now the software initiates to put the password and utilize all the security features that your program offers.
  9. Restart the computer now and scan the system to check the working of antivirus software you have just installed.

In case you face any problem in finding your McAfee or to install it you can contact McAfee support.

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