How To Transfer Webroot To New Computer?

How To Transfer Webroot To New Computer?

How To Transfer Webroot To New Computer?

How To Transfer Webroot To New Computer? – The requirement of the webroot system is very powerful and efficient. And Webroot is a great anti-virus security software. We can easily download and install it.


How To Transfer Webroot To New Computer?

To download the webroot code with the main code, you must first redeem that code at URL. And redeeming the keycode on the URL will automatically download your Webroot Exe file or Webroot installer file. Then after that, you just need to complete the installation process. The webroot downloading process is very difficult. So please appoint a high-level technician. And work on your computer accordingly. Webroot System Requirement:

Redeem Webroot keycode at

To download Webroot with keycode first of all you need to redeem the Keycode.

  1. For redeeming a Webroot keycode first of all open a browser in your system.

  2. Now type the URL on the URL box and hit the enter key.

  3. Upon opening the URL you will find two empty places where you can fill your email, and keycode respectively.

  4. Upon submitting the code you will automatically redeem the Webroot keycode and the download will be done. If the download is not done automatically you will find options like save, run or cancel. You need to save it to complete the download.


If you uninstall your old Webroot software:

First, you need to go to the Settings or Control Panel window and uninstall the Webroot program on the Windows computer.

Or, remove the Webroot program using the uninstaller tool.

If and you still have a query on how to transfer Webroot to a new computer, contact our technical experts.


How To Transfer Webroot To New Computer?



Reinstall Webroot with URL :
  1. Open a Web browser and type the URL in the URL box and hit enter.

  2. The program will automatically download upon opening the Webpage otherwise it will show you an option to save on the browser.

  3. Complete the download and run.


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