Install McAfee retail card activation

Install McAfee retail card activation

Install McAfee retail card activation

McAfee is a well- known name among computer users as it is widely used antivirus software. It safeguards your computer system from all those intruders which can harm it. The end-users who want to keep the web threats like worms, trojan and other malware away from their system, are likely to use McAfee antivirus. It also blocks malicious websites from being opened on your system. It is accepted that McAfee had lost its performance for some years but since the time Intel has acquired it, it is again gaining its pace. Now it can be expected that if it would keep on improving this way, one day it will be one of the topmost antivirus software.

Install McAfee retail card activation

If we talk about its recent improvements then we can comment upon its quick clean feature, its money-back guarantee, its real-time virus detection and correction and many more. Its quick clean feature scans the whole system against the junk files, shortcuts, and temporary files. If finds any, deletes them as per the instructions of the end-user. Some other files can also be added in this process of cleaning, for e.g. you can add cookies, thumbnails, caches, etc. then it will also scan for these additional files and delete them as per your instruction. Also, it guarantees you that it would not miss even a single virus from its capture and if it does so, you will be returned back all the money paid for this antivirus software. It tries to locate each and every virus all the time and that’s why the real-time protection term comes into account.

Install McAfee retail card activation

Installation and activation of McAfee antivirus is quite a lengthy process so, please be patient while you are going to perform it. To install McAfee retail card activation, what you need to do first is to go to a retail store and purchase a new McAfee antivirus software.

Here comes the process to install McAfee retail card activation.

We will discuss the activation process step by step over here still if you come across the confusion at any step, call our tech- support service for free installation.

This is for all those system owners who have either been a McAfee user ever or a new user of it. Anyone can follow this process elaborated here to install McAfee product key activation.

install McAfee retail card activation

Firstly, check whether any other antivirus is not active on the system. If you find any other antivirus installed on your system, go to the control panel and uninstall it. Now your system is ready to install McAfee antivirus software.

One more requirement is a high-speed internet connection on your computer system.

Now, start the process as mentioned below:

  • Open browser on the system and go to
  • Click on my account and those who are already registered, enter your login credentials otherwise go to the next step.
  • Those who have not registered, freshly register by providing e-mail and password, and then login.
  • Now select, the McAfee product you want to install and download it.
  • Run the setup file that has been downloaded on your computer system.
  • Agree to license agreement and follow further instructions and complete the installation.

Install McAfee retail card activation

Feeling confused? Call our tech- support service for free installation.

Follow these steps for activation.

  • Open browser on the system and type the URL mentioned on the retail card.
  • Select the country and language.
  • Now put the McAfee retail card registration number and the email with which you have registered for McAfee account.
  • A verification link will be sent to the email and now McAfee product is activated on your system.

Still unable to activate the retail card? Call our tech- support service for free installation.

Frequently Asked Questions Asked by users

Is Bitdefender better than McAfee?

Bitdefender offers more security-enhancing features and extra utilities in its security suites than McAfee. Independent tests prove that Bitdefender is slightly better than McAfee in terms of malware detection and the impact on system performance. However, McAfee’s security suites are cheaper than Bitdefender’s.

Does McAfee affect the Internet connection?

Unable to access the internet after installing a McAfee Security suite. The McAfee firewall component might be blocking your access to the Internet. Double-click the M shield icon in your taskbar. … Grant outbound access to any programs that require network connectivity.

Is Avast better than McAfee?

Both Avast and McAfee offer several feature-rich antivirus suites to meet your protection needs. Independent tests prove that both software provide top-notch protection against all sorts of malware threats, but McAfee is slightly better than Avast in terms of the impact on system performance.

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