install webroot with key code

install webroot with key code

install webroot with key code – Steps and Terms

Browsing the web safely

It is an intelligent step to install a good antivirus in your system and make it protected against viruses and malware etc. but browsing the web wisely is even more intelligent. Always make sure that you are not downloading the viruses along with your useful content. This is the foremost important thing in order to avoid viruses. Many times, while you are browsing on the web, you will come across something prompting on your screen that your system has a virus, click here to clean the system. Never ever click on such prompts unless it is coming from the antivirus software you have installed in your system.


install webroot with key code

Webroot secure anywhere

Webroot secure anywhere is a computer security program or in simple words, you can say that it is an antivirus program. If you want to keep your computer data safe and browse the web safely, Webroot secure anywhere is a good option as it includes network security along with computer security. You can schedule an automatic scan in the antivirus settings on the computer system. Set such a time for schedule scan when you do not use your computer
system, so the scan could be performed efficiently.

install webroot with key code – What is keycode


Keycode is the installation key that comes with any software that you purchase. So, with this webroot secure anywhere antivirus program. Webroot keycode is mentioned in its retail packaging. Take the retail pack and see at the lower left end of its backside, there you will find the keycode. This key code will be required at the last step of software installation.

For any technical help regarding the installation of a webroot program on your system, you may request here for the tech- support.

Here comes the method of install webroot with key code

To install Webroot with an activation code on your computer system, you require a working internet connection on your system.

  • Open any browser on the system and reach
  • From the site, you will be required to download the installer file of webroot secure anywhere e.g. for windows installer file is wsinstall.exe.
  • Once the file is saved on your computer system, double click on the icon.
  • Double click on the icon of installer file runs the program.
  • It will prompt as running the program may make some changes in your computer system. Click ‘yes’ and proceed.
  • Now it will ask for keycode.
  • Put the keycode that you have got when you purchased the antivirus program.
  • Installation is completed and the computer system is now under the protection of webroot secure anywhere.

Even after following these steps, you could not install the antivirus on your system, you may request here for the tech- support.

install webroot with key code

Frequently Asked Questions Asked by users 

What is Webroot Software?

BLOCKS VIRUSES & MALWARE: Cloud-based antivirus software from Webroot provides comprehensive internet security protection for your PC or Mac without slowing you down. IDENTITY THEFT PREVENTION: Defends you against identity theft by protecting private information like usernames, passwords, account numbers, and more.

Does Webroot scan for malware?

Antivirus software such as Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus frustrates malware in a couple of ways. It scans data and blocks viruses that it detects. And it removes malware that is already lodged in a computer. You can tell it to scan your PC according to a schedule that you select.

Does Webroot have a free version?

Webroot safe AntiVirus protects your system against all types of malware threats. This version offers you a 15-day free trial to evaluate the software and determine how well it suits your needs.

Install webroot antivirus with key code

Technical support to install webroot with keycode

In case you feel any kind of difficulty to install and activate your webroot key code, you may consider calling Toll free for online support. An online expert can guide you over the phone to install your Webroot secureanywhere.

Precautions in installing webroot keycode

Before installing any antivirus software like Webroot you need to check certain things, otherwise, your installation may be messed up. So first of all, have a look at your computer installed programs. In case you find any other antivirus or internet security which is already installed on the computer, You need to remove that one before installing your webroot with keycode. Also, don’t forget to restart your computer after the removal of an antivirus.

I believe this article must have helped you to install webroot.


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