McAfee Product Online

McAfee Product Online

Redeem code and download your McAfee Product Online

McAfee Product Online


Mcafee activation is a few-step thing, start with and install your McAfee just by following some steps. Please read throughout the blog to understand the steps. Afterward, also read the general troubleshooting steps if somehow your Mcafee is not going through.

Installing McAfee from;

First, open a web browser on your computers such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

Now type the URL “” in the URL box and enter.

It seems that a page appears on your screen and is asking for your activation code.

And you put your activation code here.

Now when you click submit, the McAfee activation page gives you

Asking you to log in to your McAfee account.

After that, if you have a McAfee account, please log in to your McAfee My account.

Don’t have a McAfee account now? No problem, you have a register option on the same page. There are some simple steps to create a McAfee account and which you can read in a separate section below.

And here I agree that you are logged into your McAfee account after redeeming McAfee’s activation code.

Now it is showing you to download the setup file for your product, just download it and note the product code as well. And the product code will be used later between installations.

Now run the setup file and follow the positive options like Run, Continue, and Yes.

And when asked, enter the product code.

Then it seems that your Mcafee is now installed and you are ready for the first scan in your computer with your new Mcafee Antivirus Plus.

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