McAfee with serial

McAfee with serial

McAfee with serial


McAfee with serial

“Visit McAfee Activate official website or in any browser.

Enter your 25 digits McAfee Activation Product Key.

Log into your McAfee account with credentials.

Click Submit and Choose “Country and language”.

Once Logged in, Download your Setup in the download folder.

Run application to install, You’re all set to go!”

Have you ever thought of a situation where you live in a fear of being watched by someone every second? If this is the case, then you should note that the world where we live is full of those people who are looking for an opportunity to attack our devices as well as our identities with their evil thoughts.

Those who have never come across such a situation and have never thought of it, then you should start to give it a thought and prepare him well in advance for fighting against it.

The process to deploy it is quite simple and is discussed in the following sections.

Live help for

01)In the search bar of your web browser, enter “”.

02)On the resulting page, click “Sign In”.

03)Enter the activation code and make a selection for “Country and language”.

04)Now, tap on the “Install” option to initiate downloading McAfee software.

05)Finally, click on the ‘Run’ “Run” option to access your McAfee Activate product.

If you are someone who has recently purchased a McAfee subscription and is struggling with a number of queries about deploying your McAfee product, then you should look no further. Because the said platform serves as the ultimate platform from where you can easily get started with using your product.

Although, the procedure is quite simple some of you might be having the fear of losing the number of chances to use the McAfee activate product key.

Worry not, because there are several others for whom this process is completely strange just like it is for a layman. And for them, the comprehensive process is explained below in detail.

Locate and redeem the product key-

Once you reach the platform, you need to redeem the product key which means you need to link it with your account. To locate the product key, you need to open the email that you received from McAfee when you registered for the product subscription. The code is of 25-digits alphanumeric characters and needs is highly case-sensitive.

If you have purchased your product from an online retailer such as Amazon, then also it will be present in the inbox of your email. On the contrary, if you have received a physical copy of your product, then look for the activation code inside the product packaging or on the retail card.

To redeem it, all you need to do is visit and complete some easy steps after entering the activation key in the given space.

How to use to get started with McAfee?

To start using your antivirus software, you need to first redeem your retail card by visiting After this, you can download and install your software and activate your subscription.

01)First of all, go to

02)Now, select your “Country” and the “Language”.

03)If the registration page auto-detects the incorrect region, then you may do it manually.

04)Now, enter your activation code the same as printed on the retail card or copy-paste it from the email.

05)After this, type in the “registered email address” that you have kinked with McAfee.

06)Hit the “Submit” button and see if you have entered the correct email address.

07)Click “Edit” if you want to make changes to the email address.

08)Afterward, tap on the “Verify” option.

Download McAfee if you already have an Account –

If you already have a McAfee account, then you may directly follow the steps given below. Those of you who do not have an account, first, need to create an account and then follow the instructions given below:

01)Visit and enter the activation code in the given space.

02)Now, login to your account by using registered credentials.

03)Click on the “Download” option present next to your desired McAfee product.

04)This will download your product.

05)You may also directly click on the option that says “Download your software”.

06)Choose it if you have already used the activation code.

Steps to install McAfee:

01)When the product is successfully downloaded, locate the downloaded file.

02)You may find it in the “Downloads” folder of your device.

03)Now, right-click on the .exe file.

04)Click on the “install” option to start installing your product.

05)After this, you may activate it on your Windows as well as Mac devices.

McAfee activates on Windows:

01)Begin by double-clicking on the McAfee icon on your desktop.

02)Now, you will be prompted to log in to your McAfee account.

03)After logging in, type the 25 digits McAfee activate product key in the given space.

04)The activation may take a few minutes.

05)When the activation completes, open the software and start using it.

McAfee activates on Mac:

01)Locate the McAfee Icon on your desktop.

02)Double-tap on this icon.

03)Now, enter the credentials of your Mac admin account.

04)When prompted, provide the serial number of your product.

05)After entering the activation code, click “Finish”.

With this, the process to deploy McAfee Antivirus comes to an end and now you can set up a quick scan or scheduled scan based on your convenience. Moreover, if you have bought a product with multiple licenses, you can utilize these additional licenses by sharing the protection on other devices as well. For this purpose, click on the ‘Add Device’ option present under the ‘Subscriptions’ menu of your McAfee account.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to turn-off Auto-Renewal of McAfee?

01)First, go to and click on the ‘My Account’ option.

02)Next, you have to select the ‘Sign In’ option.

03)Now, type McAfee account email address and password.

04)Click on the ‘Login’ button.

05)Now, from the My Account tab, select ‘Auto-renewal settings’.

06)In the ‘Uninterrupted protection’ screen, the On/Off toggle next to that product from the On to Off position.

How to prepare a Windows PC to install McAfee?

In order to prepare your Windows PC to install McAfee products on it, you need to ensure if it meets the minimum system requirements of not. Also, you need to uninstall the pre-installed device security product from it. If you come across installation errors, you can use McAfee pre-install tool on it. Finally, delete files from the failed installation of McAfee, if there are any.

How to exclude files from the McAfee virus scan?

01)First, you need to open your McAfee security software.

02)Next, click on the PC Security option.

03)After this, click on the Real-Time Scanning option.

04)In this step, click on ‘Excluded Files’.

05)Further, select the Add file and then browse the desired file.

06)If you wish to exclude more files, you can repeat the same process again.

How do I use additional licenses on the McAfee subscription?

01)First, log in to your account at

02)Now, select the + tab and select the device you wish to protect.

03)You will now see the available licenses in your subscription.

04)Select the desired product and click on the ‘Download’ option.

05)In the end, follow some on-screen instructions to use the additional licenses.

How to extend the duration of the McAfee product subscription?

01)To conveniently extend the duration of the McAfee product subscription, double-click on its icon.

02)After this, click on the ‘Your Subscription’ option.

03)Further, select ‘Buy a Subscription’.

04)In the next step, click ‘Buy Now.

05)Now, you need to provide your billing information.

06)Next, complete the payment process.

07)Follow some easy instructions to complete the purchase.

How to deactivate a McAfee license manually?

Unfortunately, there is no manual procedure to deactivate a McAfee license manually by navigating to However, if you still wish to do so, you can ask McAfee customer service executives to deactivate it for you.

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