Trendmicro exe file download and Trendmicro exe file classification

Trendmicro exe file download and Trendmicro exe file classification

What is Trendmicro exe file?

As the name “Trend micro exe file” , it is an executable file. When we download Trendmicro exe file only then we will be able to install Trend micro internet security or Trend micro antivirus into the computer.

Trend micro exe file download

For the Trendmicro exe file download, first of all, we need to recognize which Trendmicro exe file we need to download. To identify the Trendmicro exe file which we will download, first, we need to look at which Trendmicro paid version we have.

Trend Micro exe file download

classification of Trendmicro exe file or its variant

There are several Trendmicro variants. Only windows computer needs an EXE file. All other devices like Android or iPhone need different files to run the program. So here we will discuss only the Trendmicro exe file, which means we will discuss only the windows computer.

Exe file variants can be classified into two categories first –
  • Best buy trend micro exe files – When you purchase a Trendmicro from BestBuy then you need to download a totally different version of the EXE file for Trendmicro. This file is exclusively available at page or page.
  • Non-Bestbuy Trendmicro exe files – In this section, we need to check it properly. As there are several variant avail for Non-Bestbuy users and these versions are-
  • Total security by Trendmicro ( Different Trend micro exe file for all these versions)
  • Trendmicro Internet security
  • Antivirus+ by Trendmicro
  • Trendmicro Maximum security

trend micro exe file

How to download Trendmicro exe file for different variants –

In order to download Trendmicro exe file for your Trendmicro just have a look at this section. I already have written it above that for Bestbuy Trendmicro you may directly visit or For all other Trendmicro, you may go to the URL On this download center page, you will find all the Trendmicro variants listed as described in the above list.

Now you need to identify your purchased version of Trendmicro. Click on that link which is showing the name of your version. When you will click on that and you will find the download button. When you will click on download the Trendmicro exe file will download by itself.

Next, install trend micro exe file

Now just double click on Trendmicro exe file or run it. Then it will show you a license agreement you just need to tick “I agree” and click next. Then it will show you a form, where it will ask you for your name, email activation code you just need to fill this form. After that just continue with the positive options. It will complete the installation now. You can scan your computer with your brand new Trendmicro.

Precautions – Trendmicro exe file download and install

  • The first and very important precaution before installing any purchased Trendmicro is to check your computer for any other antivirus program. If there is already an antivirus program in the computer that may interrupt the installation of Trendmicro.
  • So remove if you have any antivirus program other than the Trendmicro.
  • In case you already have a Trendmicro on the computer. You need to check which variant you have installed and which one you purchased. If both are same then you can simply change your activation code within the program UI.
  • Now in case, both Trend micro is different, I mean the installed and the newly purchased Trendmicro variant then you need to uninstall your old one before installing a new variant.
  • If the other antivirus program is removed then most noteworthy, the thing here is you need to restart your computer at least once to completely remove the last antivirus.
  • After doing all this you can start a free installation.

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